SS’17 Fly Away


Behind the Collection

This collection is my first to feature a full women’s dress. The fustan here is based off a more traditional thobe, made from a natural silk, brought in at the waist with an adjustable drawstring, sleeveless arms, side leg slits and a loose fit for ultimate comfortability overall. The tunic is made of linen and is dipped into a tub of pink for a very easy color change at the bottom. The t shirts here are all made with 100% cotton french terry and have hidden pockets in the side seams along with a seamless shoulder and are fitted for both women and men. The pants featured here are called city trousers as they feature a large slit pocket on the side of the pants that can fit a full newspaper and other papers/pamphlets folded up. This idea came to me as I walked through nyc and LA this past summer. If all you need are a few papers you shouldn’t have to bring your back pack!