Not Alone FW’17

FW’17 Not Alone


Behind the Collection

During the last few months I have been working on several new projects under OPENISM, the first of which is showcased in our fall winter 2017 collection titled ‘Not Alone’. Beginning several new projects, selling in Dubai, domestically, and across the world through our site has helped create a comfortable feeling with everyone who works with us as we grow and I think that shows with this collection.

Looking to the pieces, the terry tunics or t-shirts are cut for a Japanese fit with seamless shoulders and side slits. Over the shirt(s) is an illustration of Abou Naddara which is an Egyptian revolutionary magazine that was distributed from the late 19th to the early 20th century. Abou Naddara or “father of the glasses” which was the nickname of a man named Yaqub (James) Sanua who was an Italian jew who moved to Egypt and became a distinct Arab nationalist who was eventually exiled to Paris from where he would smuggle 10,000 satirical zines weekly. The illustration is pressed over American milled 100% French terry cotton. The tri blended blazer which is without lapels on the front and trousers are made by hand using trim blended wool from Japan. There’s also a full honey velvet corduroy jacket and sham pants.For fall winter 2017 I wanted to highlight what we have been doing in LA and in Dubai by mixing menswear staples with traditional features such as a blazer without a lapel or the corduroy jacket that has a sham collar and is heavily covered with pockets. This mixing of tastes, has been the background feeling or vibe since beginning this collection a few months ago. Hope you enjoy it and remember, you’re not alone.